Alwahashab Transport Company

السودان – الخرطوم



Alwahashab Transport Company

Slogan Renewed Through Time
Confidence – Safety – Efficiency – Accuracy

Alwahashab Transport Company was founded as the name of work for Alwahash ab engineering in the year (2002), majoring in the field of Road Transport in the goal:
1 – Auto transporters (Carriers)
2. Transportation of petroleum products (Tankers)
3. Transportation of goods (Cargo)

The company owns a fleet texture in the field of auto transport, & operates the largest fleet in the country, with a fleet size factor (30) Carriers in addition to (25) tanker for petroleum products transportation.

      In the field of transportation of goods company owns fleet of 85 trucks,
the fleet abundant and professional commitment is the main reason to contract exclusively with the largest companies in the country for the Transport of goods , vehicles and petroleum products.

        The Company has skilled & qualified drivers they work under the perfection, dedication and timeliness logo.

   The company also has large storage capacities reaching storage capacity in Port Sudan (10,000) square meters and as our storage Khartoum square area of ​​the globe (85) Plot No. (186) intersection sixty street with  Madni street